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On with the Bio:
My mom said she placed my 1st camera in my hands when I was 4 years old (1957).
I started my photography business in 1977 using a Canon 35mm F1, Pentax 6x7 (2-1/4 x 2-3/4 format) and a Cannon AE1 for backup.
At that time I spent many hours in the darkroom.
Through the years I prefer to use the natural environment as my studio.
Note: Since 2013 ALL photographs have been taken with a 24MP digital camera.
When I started my 2nd business of computer consulting (VCAD Support) in 1987 it seemed natural and fascinating to merge the photography with my Apple Macintosh computers in 1990.

Today, like so many other artists, I continue to use the latest digital and technological advancements in software to display my work.
My current Digital Artist / Illustration skills, with today's editing softwares and procedures, are still in the learning stages. However, when time permits, it has been my delight to canvass this avenue of photographic transformation, and I am enjoying the exploration into this new visual concept.
Please visit these Galleries for samples:
Selective Coloring
Multi Panel Composites
Digitally Altered Illustration
Out of Bounds (a.k.a. OOB or Out of Frame OOF).

I love how we can freeze a moment in time with a Single Picture that can be enjoyed for an endless amount of time by so many different generations of people.

This belief leads to my Primary style of photography.
I always carry a camera with me and attempt to capture the moments that occur around me.
My passion is for Macro and now single frame height Panorama (Working towards the multi dimensional images).
However, as you will see during your visit into my picture Galleries.
I'll focus in on capturing the moment when ever possible.

With this website I hope to open up the online world to the Moments in time I have frozen.
I would like to believe that some of those frozen Moments will release your emotions that may make you smile and laugh.

Please take a few moments to look around my different Galleries.
I hope you enjoy your visit and please feel free to leave a comment if you like what you see or have any suggestions for me..
Or take a moment to view all the Comments attached to my Photographs.

The Legal Stuff: All images and descriptions are copyright ©Thomas Woolworth.
All rights are reserved.
Materials contained may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or downloaded in any way with todays technology or any future technology.
Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from Thomas Woolworth is strictly prohibited.

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Magic Kingdom Castle In Frosty Light Blue with Fireworks 06 by Thomas Woolworth


Main Street Mackinac Island Upper Peninsula MIchigan PA 03 by Thomas Woolworth


The Bikes Of Mackinac Island Michigan PA 02 by Thomas Woolworth


Yacht and Beach Club Lighthouse by Thomas Woolworth


Canyonlands National Park Utah 01 by Thomas Woolworth


Utah Trees Canyonlands National Park 01 by Thomas Woolworth


After The Rain Mackinac Island MIchigan Shuttle Dock by Thomas Woolworth


Grizzly Bear 6 by Thomas Woolworth


Mr Lion in Black and White by Thomas Woolworth


Live Dream Own On The Beach Vertical Text by Thomas Woolworth


Menominee Pierhead Lighthouse Wisconsin With Sail Boat by Thomas Woolworth


CoopersTown New York US Flags by Thomas Woolworth


Live Dream Own Chicago Union Station USA Flag Vertical Text by Thomas Woolworth


Early Morning Fog Mystery Valley Colorado Plateau Arizona 03 by Thomas Woolworth


Sunset Valley Of The Gods Utah 09 by Thomas Woolworth


Finger Lakes New York Sunset By The Dock 04 by Thomas Woolworth


Autumn In The Dunes by Thomas Woolworth


Tahquamenon Lower Falls Upper Peninsula Michigan 04 by Thomas Woolworth


Nature Center Salt Creek In August by Thomas Woolworth


Autumn Pond 2016 by Thomas Woolworth


Night Glow Hot Air Balloons by Thomas Woolworth


Butterfly Wings Of Sun Light Selective Coloring Black and White Digital Art by Thomas Woolworth


Little Bambino Toes Surrounded By Love by Thomas Woolworth


Black Butterfly by Thomas Woolworth


Summer Floral With Monarch Butterflies PA 01 by Thomas Woolworth


Weapons Military Revolutionary War Sword Slice 01 by Thomas Woolworth


Great Plains Farming Hayrolls 13 by Thomas Woolworth


Yellowstone Park Stage Coach With Horses PA 01 by Thomas Woolworth


Purple Haze December Fog By The Sleepy Pin Oak PA by Thomas Woolworth


Humming Bird At Sunrise by Thomas Woolworth


Live Dream Own Chicago Stabile Flamingo Structure Text by Thomas Woolworth


Live Dream Own Chicago River Walk Text by Thomas Woolworth


Live Dream Own Chicago Radisson Blu Hotel Text by Thomas Woolworth


Live Dream Own Chicago Music Pavillion Text by Thomas Woolworth


Live Dream Own Chicago Cloud Gate Reflections Text by Thomas Woolworth


The Trek West Latter Day Saints Panorama by Thomas Woolworth


The Trek West Latter Day Saints 360 View by Thomas Woolworth


Ask For The Moon Full Text 02 by Thomas Woolworth


Blue Moon Full Text by Thomas Woolworth


Everyone Is A Moon Text by Thomas Woolworth


Once In A Blue Moon Full Text by Thomas Woolworth


To The Moon Alice Text by Thomas Woolworth


Ludington State Park Michigan Sand Dunes Pond At Noon by Thomas Woolworth


Sunrise Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument Utah by Thomas Woolworth


Antelope Island State Park Great Salt Lake 01 by Thomas Woolworth


Peek A Boo Canyon Kanab Utah 04 by Thomas Woolworth


Peek A Boo Canyon Kanab Utah 07 by Thomas Woolworth


Peek A Boo Canyon Kanab Utah 19 by Thomas Woolworth